Support your Parish

We could do with your helpAs our parish moves forward we could do with your help. Already some people have offered and indeed already are helping in the parish. We are beginning to see the start of ministry rotas reappearing which is absolutely wonderful – but it would be great if more people could become involved. We would love to see some new faces.

If you are in Eyemouth and can help by reading, passkeeping or cleaning please speak to Alison or Lilian or email us and we will pass the information on. Alison is looking at arranging new rotas.

If you are in Duns and can help with reading, passkeeping, cleaning or with teas and coffees after Sunday Mass please speak to Carole-Marie (07969761824) or email us – she too is organising new rotas. Pat has also mentioned that relief Sacristan support would be very helpful – please get in touch to find out what this would involve.

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