Parish SSVP
You may be familiar with the SSVP collection box at the back of Church, but you may not know that the Society has been active in our Parish since 1992. We are part of an international organisation of Catholic lay people, men and women, who practice Christianity by helping those in need. We help people regardless of creed, colour or political belief and we are funded entirely by donations.
We get referrals either by word of mouth or from one of the many agencies we deal with, such as the Social Work Department, Berwickshire Housing or the Primary Schools. Our activities have included taking families on caravan holidays, assisting families financially or with clothing or food (although this is now largely dealt with by the Foodbank), making hospital visits, transporting people to and from Mass, attending funerals, sending cards and bouquets and befriending people. We have been fairly quiet over the course of the pandemic but we now anticipate greater demand due to the energy and cost of living crises.
We have six active members but, without telling tales out of school, most of us are nearer 100 than 21. We would dearly like some new members, particularly younger members of the Parish to join us and help us carry on this valuable work. If you could be interested and would like further details please contact me after Church or ring my mobile 07792 327870.
Miles Wrigley, President.

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